Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cleaning Cleaners

Seems kind of odd thinking about cleaning something that cleans other things but that is exactly what I do about once a month to my washing machine.

I have a HE top loading washing machine and every once in a while it starts having a smell that is really disgusting! After a little bit of research I found out that it is really important to clean your HE washing machine.
It's embarrassing to think I let my washing machine get to this state but hey I am a working mom with lots of things to get accomplished. In my goal of completing small projects I set out to clean my washing machine.

 It seems odd that the areas that we actually put the soap and cleaners in get nasty and dirt build up in those areas.

There are several different types of washing machine cleaners and we have bought a really expensive cleaner and we have also tried this Tide Washing Machine Cleaner Tide Washing Machine Cleaner 3 ea

This system is super easy. You open one pouch of cleaner and you put it where you would the detergent then you run a cycle through the washer (empty - no clothes!). The scent is very fresh and the stinky smell from my washing machine is gone. Usually after the machine has been running a few minutes I will go and open it up and take a rag and get the water with cleaner and wet my rag. I take this rag to clean the top of my washing machine as well and it works great!

I don't have time for long drawn out projects or products that don't work. But this is one products that works while I do something else and the time it takes to clean around the top is like less than 5 minutes! I always love when it looks clean and there isn't any more build up!

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