Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cotton Candy, Turkey Legs, and A Zipper - a Giant one!

You've heard me talk about my cleaning fairy right? Well she isn't just my cleaning fairy- she is one of my best friends! I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends!

This day I invited my friend Mindy and her daugther Melaina to the fair with us. I had 40 rides to waste  get used up because I had bought these thinking the kids would have an awesome time at the county fair. Well, I didn't anticipate on not feeling the best and almost 90 degrees. Whew thank goodness these kids LOVE to ride rides!

Cody and Mindy getting ready to ride the ZIPPER - that big one I was talking about, no thank you!

Here they go!

Melaina and Haley - I love those girls!

Mindy and Cody - I did the "mom" thing and sat and held everyone's cotton candy, cell phones, you get the picture!

We love these youngins!

Before the log flume ride thingy

After - not too much damage but  you can't really see their wet shoes.

Excuse my crazy 80's hair, it was windy and I was just well, tired.

Oh he had been waiting for that mutten ALL day!

Guess they were too?

These are great kiddos!

That right there is my best friend Mindy - she is the best cleaning fairy E.V.E.R!!

It was a great day! Memories made! We have done the country fair every year since we moved to AZ. What do you do with your kids to make memories?


  1. We always enjoy going to the state fair here too :)

    And I love those turkey legs!!