Tuesday, April 26, 2011

PIMP My Ride!

OK people - we did it! We got a new vehicle!

My hubby took me out and we ended up getting a 2011 Nissan Pathfinder! I couldn't believe it and honestly I wasn't expecting it! It seats 7 - I am so excited!

We didn't opt for any fancy interior options but did make sure it is a 4X4 (hubby wanted it - I could care less!).

However, in my dream world I want to pimp my ride! I don't mean this in a "I am a totally spoiled brat kind of way" I get that I am so lucky and fortunate but a girl can dream right? So I want you to help me with ideas!!

Probably going to get my back windows super dark if not blacked out!

This is what the inside dash looks like exactly! The interior lighting on the dash is orange when turned on at night.

Should I get rims? If so what size? Do you like these?

Or something like these?

Replace the tail lights with some aftermarkets?

Something like these?

Seriously I am crazy but I want some interior lighting - just not sure what color. Blue?



Orange? remember my dash?

I want running boards really badly! I would almost go as far to say I need them since I am only 5 ft tall and it makes it so much easier to get in the car.

Something like these?

I get it trust me! These are my wishes and wants not my needs. But I am interested in what ideas you all have to Pimp my ride!


  1. Hmmm well congrats on the new ride!! I love my suv and although I am tall I could not imagine having to get in and out of it without the running boards so I would have to say a big fat yes to those for sure!!
    The tail lights and inside lights are not really my thing but it's not my vehicle so I would say red only because I looove red. I would say to be sure it's not illegal in your state though because I did once get a ticket for having a red light in my back window..whooopsie!!

  2. lol you're so funny!! I'm not all into all those changes, but go for it if it makes you happy!

  3. Nice car!

    I have no advice on pimping your car. I'm not good with things like that.

  4. Well I personally love the running boards and tinted windows! :) Love it!