Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Do you box top?

Do you Box Top?

I ask because with all the budget cuts our schools need all the help they can get from any source they can get!

I used to just sort of rip out the box tops and turn them in. I found out from my sis (who used to coordinate this project at one of the schools) that someone has to neatly cut them on the dotted line. So from there on out I went ahead and took a little extra time to cut along the edges.

We all shop! So if you see these little box tops - clip them out! If you don't have kids, clip them out anyways! I know there is a school near you that would love if you dropped off a zip lock bag with box tops for their school!

This is a small way that each of us can make a difference in all our children's education!


  1. Heck yeah I box top it!! The kids fight over who gets to take what to which school. So we usually end up splitting them. They are on so many things too, and they don't expire for a very long time. Free money, in this day and age, is a wonderful thing!

  2. So true! We collect box tops for my daughter's school...and I remember doing it when I was a kid too.

    Funny time my mom was having my younger brother take in the box tops and true story! he was like "ugh, mom, why are you making me take our trash to school?" LOL!!

  3. Sometimes I just tear them. I am going to cut them from now on! :) Last year my kids school got 5k in new computer equipment in free box tops money! :)