Friday, April 29, 2011

Searching for the Perfect Gift for your Mom!

Have you thought about what you are getting your Mom for Mother's Day?

We never know the love of the parent until we become parents ourselves.
Inspirational Quotes on Mothers Day by: Henry Ward Beecher

I have the perfect awesome gift and it is the gift that keeps on giving!

Give your mom, your grandmother, your auntie, whomever something to make them feel great about themselves and to be pampered!

Enfuselle (R) Advanced Skin Care  is a great gift to give your mom so she can pamper herself! The products feel so great on your skin!

One of my person favorites is the  C+E Repair P.M. (R) - I personally saw a big difference in my fine lines and my skin felt like silk when I used it! I can't wait to buy my next tube because I am a big believer and trust me - I am super sensitive about my skin.

When I use the C+E Repair P.M. (R) I feel so revived and refreshed - no joke!

HaHaHa! I know I act like a dork but in all seriousness people! I love this stuff! I have tried LOTS of skin care products and this is the best thing I have ever used for fine lines and wrinkles. AND no parabens which makes me totally one HAPPY woman!

And you know what they say - If Momma Ain't Happy Nobody's Happy!

I love the Shower Gel and the Purifying Shampoo and Replenishing Conditioner.  The smell is so light and refreshing, it's just what I want on a Spring and Summer day! Nothing too heavy!

OK, I know I said it is the gift that keeps on giving. Because right now Shaklee is currently running a special that if you spend $30.00 the membership fee is waived. AND there are never any minimums ever. So you can get your mom an AWESOME gift and the opportunity for her to try new products at member price with no cost to her! And she has no minimums to maintain her membership.

So get something for your mom! Get something for yourself! Get Pampered!

Shaklee isn't just about cleaning! This is a company that is about healthy living, nutrition, healthy homes, and a healthy earth!

They are the #1 Nutrition company in the U.S.


  1. Hey, thanks for sharing about those products! I always love hearing about new things to try :)

  2. My mom and mom-in-law will be getting gifts from Disney - just don't know what yet.