Saturday, October 8, 2011

Organizing My Month Visually

Organizing My Month

I am a very visual person and I would like to think I could enter everything on my Droid and be done with it.

However, I need stuff staring me in the face so I can keep up with everything. Not too mention I like having the information where everyone else in the family can see it as well.

My Whiteboard Calendar is Perfect !!

When I get to about the third week of the month I will erase the month and start with the last week of the month and start the next month. That way I can see what is coming up.

The kids can see when I am going to be home or when I have a late week at work.  Plus since it is a dry erase and our lives are always changing it makes it super easy to make changes as needed.

I like to think that it also helps the hubby keep up with the kids’ appointments. I am not sure if he actually ever looks at the board but it makes me feel better knowing I put it out there. We display the calendar in our kitchen because that is the highest traffic area.

Do you have a system that helps your family stay on track for the month?

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  1. Too funny - I do the same thing and the entire family COUNTS on it now. I used to think no one looked at it but they so do and it's fun for my daughter to come home each day and cross a day off with the marker. If I'm late updating it they all remind me cuz they use it so much. I put bdays on there and appts and schedules and everything - right on the fridge. Maybe I'll take a pic of mine too.