Monday, February 7, 2011

32 and 18 - what does this have in common?

How do you sum up nearly 18 years in one simple blog? I am not sure but I am going to give it a try!

Well, I am 32 years old and I have been with my high school sweetheart for almost 18 years! This is our story!

We met in high school our freshmen year and went on our first date the last day of our freshmen year.

We went to many many high school dances together - glad I still don't look like I did in high school with my high 90's hair!

AND we had a few proms we went to as well!

Against lots of advice thrown our way we got married in 1996 only 2 weeks after graduating high school.

Michael joined the Army to provide a stable home for us! Little did we know that we would soon be moving from East TN to nowhere Kansas! In October 1996 Michael graduated from basic training and we set out to build our first home in Manhattan, KS.

I am so proud of all the things Michael accomplished while in the Army! He served 8 years active duty with multiple deployments including Operation Noble Eagle and Operation Iraqi Freedom.  In 8 short years we moved 7 times between Tennessee, Kansas, Country of Panama, Puerto Rico, back to Kansas, and finally back home to TN. During that time we worked through many changes within ourselves, our marriage, our jobs, and started our beautiful family with Cody joining us in 1998 and Haley joining us in 2000. I could go on and on about what a fabulous soldier, NCO, leader my husband was but that could be an entire book!!

We were so lucky to live in some very gorgeous places!

I wish our kids could remember the fun times we had when we lived overseas.

It amazes me to look back at all the pictures and re-live all the wonderful memories we have shared so far with each other, our friends, and our kids!

In 2007 we moved to the HOT state of Arizona and relocated once again!

I sure love my husband! We still act like we are 15 sometimes and I can't remember life without him!

It's a wonderful feeling to know I am sharing my life with my best friend, a fabulous father, and the strongest man I know inside and out!


  1. I just Love it shanna ...... YOu 2 are awesome ... XOXOX to all


  2. awww, you two are so sweet! I wish the kids could remember Puerto Rico too! So pretty!

  3. Thanks everyone! I do feel blessed and lucky! I don't want to paint a fairytale lol but you know that is what marriage is about. The good and the bad and keeping at it. We are so fortunate and I try to recognize that every day!