Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Operation Pitiful Pantry

I decided that I couldn't take the way my pantry was looking. Every so often I have to get down and dirty and just re-do it all!

First I went to .99 cent store to buy some essential organizing material.
I then took inventory of my pantry as it was currently.

I then took on the unbelievable task of clearing out every single thing in the pantry. I did get some appreciated help from my kids and one of their friends.

I am so fortunate to have such a big pantry and after everything was removed it really seemed overwhelming to see that I had to put everything back. But I kept telling myself one thing at a time. One project each night this week.  I cleaned it out and put some shelf paper down and then started reorganizing it. My husband came home and told the kids to help and I about freaked out and was like NO! I have place for everything lol. He said is your OCD acting up again? Hahahaha

Here is the left side of the pantry all nice and organized.

Here is the right side.

I have to say that I am quiet proud of myself for getting this all accomplished after a long day at work and somehow I cooked dinner during all of this! Now the real job is to keep it this way.  My plan this week is to complete one project each night.  That way nothing feels too overwhelming and by the end of the week - I feel very accomplished and several things will really have had an overhaul and we will have gotten rid of unwanted and un-needed waste!  How about you, what projects do you want or need to work on?


  1. I am going to steal your idea for 1 project a day .... I like that WE have a lot to do seeing as how we may have a possible pcs coming up quickly ...,.

  2. Another PCS already? Seriously? You haven't been in Arizona very long at all! Good luck on your one project a day!

  3. lol yeah I know but they are moving a whole battalion I am not a happy camper not when i have 3 dogs a cat 2 horses and still have crap i need to get rid of !! Grr and it is to fort bliss ICK!!!

  4. so just so you know i tackled my spice cabinet WOO hoo it took like 45 min that was all i found some cool stuff to make that was hiding in there!!LOL!!

  5. That's awesome Camille!! It is so nice when I can find everything and then find stuff I forgot about! It's like shopping for free!

  6. I LOVE it! What a big pantry you have!I like the way you organized it! I really need to work on mine!