Saturday, February 12, 2011

Nothing Like Getting Beautified!

Today was great!  I was able to get some much needed girls time but also share in the fun with my kiddos! (well at least Haley). One of my great friends is also licensed cosmetologist and she does awesome hair!
She came over and so did 2 of my other friends and Sheena ended up doing highlights and low lights for 3 of us and cutting hair for 4 of us! I decided to go with my current style and color.

In the mean time we also snacked, chatted, and had a great time!

Sheena worked so hard and quick as we all had yummy food and drinks. We had plenty of girlie stuff to keep us busy like makeup, foot spa, and plenty of nail polishes and hair supplies!
If you are wondering what the red stuff is - it is Jello! We had a 3 year old, a 21 month old, 9 year old, 10 year old, and 2 - 12 year old boys!  We had super fresh fruit, muffins, jello, a veggie tray, and I ended up making 3 pizzas! What's a good time without good food?

Sheena continued to work and work and work at our hair! Too bad we all have long hair!

Haley was even super happy because she was able to get her hair cut and I let her get highlights as well. I know I know she is getting ready to turn 11 but I figure what is the harm. They are cute little highlights it makes her feel special to get this done with her mom!

They look so natural like her hair has just been sunkissed!

Thank you Sheena for a wonderful job on our hair! Thank you to my mommy friends for hanging out and having a great day to spend girl time together and also enjoy our kiddos together!

Do you want to have a girls day? Give me a shout on the blog or email me at - I can hook you up with an awesome hair dresser!! (sorry this is for Tucson, AZ area only - unless you want to pay for her airfare lol, I am sure she would love to have a vacation!)

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