Sunday, February 6, 2011

FREE - Football - Fun!

Who likes Free?  Who Loves Football?  Well I love both and today has been a great day! For those of you that are frugal and like football today would have been heaven! I love watching the Superbowl and I am taking this time during half-time to write about all my FREE stuff!

I love to be frugal and organized! I will show you some places I am organized and then again there are totally some areas I need to work on!

I went to Fry's today and I bought 295.36 worth of groceries and after all my coupons and mail in rebate I spent 107.57! That is a savings of $187.79!!

As you can tell this is one area that I need to re-organize. But this is what happens when I have my kids help and put up the groceries.

Remember the trick for being able to save this much money really takes some prep work and some time but it is very worth it in the end. I made the mistake of going on Superbowl Sunday so I just said a lot of prayers while I was in the store. Fry's is running their sale through this Tuesday where all coupons are a dollar, they are accepting manufacturer coupons and they are also running this mega 10 sale. So I always search out for the competitor coupons (especially Target they have awesome printable coupons) I then couple it with the manufacturer coupon and then try to match it to the special sale. I know today alone, I was able to get 2 tubes of Colgate toothpaste, 2 toothbrushes, a cup of yogurt, a therma heat pad, and 2 Digiorno Pizzas, and an 18 packs of Miller Lite totally for FREE! The goal now is to have everyone not eat all the extra food and actually spread it out so we will truly save more money not just eat more!

I love to be organized and I love to label things. I decided to help with the food and to try to help with getting dinner made I bought a white board and we put the menu on the board by week and also put everyone's appointments so Dad can help see who has what when to help me out since we both work full time.

This is my fluid working calendar - we update as needed to keep everyone up to date and try to stay organized!

I also work to keep my cabinets as organized as possible.  Because my kids are older I am able to keep our medicines not locked up. We don't have anything that would be overly harmful and my kids are aware that they don't get into even the OTC without permission.

I find this helpful to locate someone's medication when they start asking for stuff. Now that Haley has some asthma issues I think I am going to have to break their medications apart to keep it even more organized.

It seems that everyone has a catch all drawer or closet. I have one as well and I working to keep it as organized as possible. We keep all the normal stuff like sheets and stuff but it also houses the kids board games and all the extra stuff we have. That way when the kids run out of toothpaste they know where the extras are. The ones you see in the picture are the free ones I have accumulated through coupons.
Of course I am sure you notice the labels too! HaHa! I love to label things I feel like it gives everyone in the house a sense of where things to go because it seems unless they have a visual reminder they just lay stuff everywhere!

Well good luck if you are trying the couponing thing out! Or just trying to get organized. I will try to reveal some of my other crazy OCD traits! Hope everyone enjoyed the game - GO PACKERS!!


  1. It won't let me see any of your pictures for some reason. BOOOOOO! I think its my work computer! I will have to look when I get home. But I love your deals! You are so good at your deals! :)

  2. Odd not sure what's up with the pics but I am going to try to fix.

  3. dang i wish we had a fry's here!