Monday, February 7, 2011

ME Time!

I am sure if you are anything like me finding time for yourself can be quiet a challenge! I know that working full-time outside the home and having 2 kids, a household, a husband, 2 dogs, and a cat can be exhausting at times (but totally worth it)!

I try to find time for myself when I can. I know most moms feel guilty about taking time away from their family to enjoy some alone time but sometimes we just have to fit it in where we can!

I really do enjoy my work and I feel very lucky to work at a place that really has some cool above and beyond perks that many companies do not. We all have gripes from time to time but I really try to stay positive and think of the awesome things my company provides. For instance...
My work is so awesome when we moved into our new building they made room for a wellness center. It isn't anything huge but they have all new equipment and there are 3 cardio machines. I am so lucky to get some ME time by taking a 15 minute break or going down on lunch or even before or after work! I think it is great because once I leave the building I am headed straight  home to the kids and I don't want to have to leave them to go back to the gym and feel guilty about more time away from them.

I spend so much time at my work like so many of you, I try to find time to take snippets of time for myself. We have a really cool lunch room with a HUGE TV and rarely do I get down there but it is there and I try to every once in a while.

 I also spend many hours in my office at work. I finally though - I spend so much money on our home and making it look nice (which is great!) but I actually spend more awake time in my office in then anywhere else and I decided I was gonna do it up nice! I struggled but since I work in a very laid back environment I decided I would make my office a FUN office!
I have games, a magic 8 ball, finger bowling, all sorts of fun de-stressing stuff in my office!

I also hung a spring rod and added some colorful curtains to my office because all the walls are white and boring. I have even had comments that it's funny how my office looks like a college dorm room! Well that wasn't exactly what I was going for but it got the job done. It is lively, colorful, and FUN! I am very productive!

I know how hard ME time can be! But try to find the time when you can sneak it in, gain some sanity, and remember the small things that make you happy!

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