Sunday, March 20, 2011

Creepers in Arizona

It is that time of year again in Arizona which I really dread and it really creeps me out!

I have lived in many places with many different types of animals. But Arizona really has some creepy critters and they can be life threatening at times.

It is now March and between March and October is the most active season for rattle snakes. I have also researched and found out that around April is breeding time for rattle snakes and they like to come back to the same places. It is important to watch where you step and make sure you have a flash light at light and stay on paths.

This isn't a rattle snake but just another example of the snakes we have had in our neighborhood.

Rattlesnake - very scary!

Rattlesnake that my friend had in her back yard- this was a pretty big one.

Oh yes! We get tarantulas too! The first 2 years we lived here we didn't have any and last year we had about 4 in 2 weeks. Cody always takes care of the spiders but none of us are too fond of tarantulas but he still takes care of his momma!

These toads come out after we have monsoon rains. These Sonoran Desert Toads (previously known as the Colorado River Toads) are very toxic and dogs are especially at risk because they often want to pick these toads up and the toxin released can make the dog seriously sick and even cause death.  And people don't do any toad licking because they are harmful and toxic to humans as well!
(Cody and I disagree on this bug. While researching exactly what this is I think it is the kissing bug and he is adamant that it isn't - so I am not 100% sure this is the kissing bug)
This is the kissing bug! They are called this because they like to feed on blood of animals (including humans) and some of their favorite places to bite humans is near the mouth and around the eyes because the skin is thinner and easier to puncture. These bugs can carry diseases and cause serious problems if someone is bitten repeatedly by these bugs.

In addition to a few of these animals shown here we also have many more that you have to be aware of. We have found a few scorpions at our home and we have changed the way we go about things.  Watch where you step! Watch where you put your hands. Watch before you let your dog out!


  1. Guess I'm pretty thankful for our non-poisonous spider and bugs in East TN. We do have copperheads but we don't see too many of them. I don't think I could handle scorpions or tarantulas.

  2. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Hold my hand when I come visit!!! lol j/k Cody will protect me. He is all grown up now.

  3. Yeah they are pretty gross and scary! You just have to be aware of where you step but totally creeps me out.

  4. DISGUSTING! I HATE SNAKES! We get snakes here too, although not as big as that one rattlesnake? They will start showing their ugly heads about May, but at least this year I know to expect them, and maybe I won't be AS shocked when I open the front door and see a snake right there. GROSS!!