Friday, March 25, 2011


Being a Mom, Being a working Mom, Being a working mom with husband gone to training.... This is how it goes and does seem to always happen like this. Yesterday Haley and I both weren't feeling the best. I sucked it up this morning and went to work. Haley didn't feel great but then perked up through the day. I came home and was so glad to lay down and be a bum on the couch.

At 7:16 pm. Haley tells me she think she has strep. Really? Are you sure? How bad does it hurt? Seriously? I am running through the list of questions. Is it because I am lazy? I am tired? Am I a bad mom? Well in my gut I decided to go ahead and take her. I mean we have the same symptoms but I didn't feel strep like. But she said really mom, my head and neck hurt I know I have strep. We got dressed, packed up, set the DVR and headed out to urgent care.

Heading out with the pillow and the dankie (both my kids have dankies - they love them and when they are sick they still take them with them...most of the time).

My poor baby!


More Waiting.... and I am TIRED and don't look feel good at all!

Having fun and protection - not a bad idea right?

Well she was totally right! Strep it is! BOOOO!! I am so glad I listened to her and listened to my instinct to take her tonight. As I type this her fever is now 101.2 big boo because she took meds over an hour ago. As the time ticks by I seem to be going down hill but I am keeping my fingers crossed.

After the Dr. we headed out to Walgreen's to get her meds. We scoped out all the cool stuff they had and I looked for tear off coupons (because if you have read some of my other posts you know I will get coupons any way I can). While I was there I finally caved in to buy a new thermometer. Exergen Temporal Scanner Infrared Thermometer Yep - I caved in and got one of these really cool slide it across your head thermometer. I swear it is the best thing ever! It is worth every penny. Where were these things when we were kids and all they had were rectal thermometers? LOL But seriously this thing is quick and easy. I am not as good as the nurses but we are getting the hang of it and it takes like 2 seconds.

So wish us well. I am getting off of here to try to drag my behind up the stairs and into my bed. I am guessing hoping I can work from home tomorrow. I hate having to take sick days especially when I took a scheduled one last week to take the kids to a bunch of appointments. But what do you do? I mean my kids DO come first, it is such a struggle having to tell your boss you need to take another sick day or say hey can I work from home?

I remind myself that in 2 years, 5 years whatever will my work suffer in any way or even remember that I had to take the day off? Or will my kids remember that I wasn't there when they really wanted me to be because they didn't feel good or they wanted to share something special with me? I know which it is and that is why I will be staying home tomorrow.


  1. awww, I hope you guys feel better soon! We have that same thermometer and I love it too! Poor Haley!

  2. We got one of those thermometers as a baby gift when David was born. We LOVE it!! It's the best. My kids are so spoiled by it, they were confused once when we were at mom's and they had to put a thermometer in their mouth. They had never done that before!

  3. EEK! Strep is horrible! And I would know, I get it like once a year. Me and my two kids were all three horrible sick for two whole weeks, and my husband works out of town so it was just me holding the fort and two snotty nosed kids down. It's hard work!

    And I also got that new cool thermometer. SUCH less of a hassle than sticking it in my kids mouth or under their arms!! Hope you all get feeling better soon!! So sad when our kids are sick :(

  4. So far I haven't spiked a fever thankfully! I still have a headache but I am thinking that mine is just a cold. Haley is hanging in there but not feeling the best tonight. It could have been a lot worse but I am so thankful she knows the signs and knows her body and how it feels when she is getting strep. She will recover just in time to return to school off spring break.