Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Find Your Style

A room fit for a Tween!  We have tweaked Haley's room a few times but a few months back we worked on some re-dos since she is starting to get older and she wanted an more teen  tween room. There is a lot you can do with some paint and a trip to Walmart!

This was a plain white wall. I took painting tape and just pulled different size pieces off and just made designs throughout the wall.

The wall to the left with the squares has been done previously and for this room re-do I only wanted to change the center square to a different color. However to get this wall like this I really enlisted the help of my mommy friend Tess! She was so wonderful helping me do this wall. The idea is that you have have a level and painting tape. We taped off the center square first and painted this and after it dried when then pulled the tape and then re-taped even over top of what we just painted. You have to do this for the squares that are side by side so that you do not have a white strip where you have placed the tape.

I found these really cool letters at Michael's Craft store and they just so happen to be in the color scheme we were working with.

This bedding set was at Walmart so it was really affordable and then we found an assortment of pillows at different places like Ross', Marshals, TJ Maxx etc. Always watching the budget. Haley had received her stereo for Christmas the year prior but there were holes for nails and so I hung it on the wall which made it look so totally cool. We already had these really cool string lights and we just wove them through her bunk bed slats. The circle mirrors we found on clearance and they were just peel and stick.

We also found this really cool rug on clearance for $5.00! (see that really cool dog? each tween needs a really cool dog!)

It took us a day of fun and painting to really get her room pulled together! But she loves it and we did it on a really minimal budget! With the comforter, mirrors, rug, and pillows I spent roughly around $75.00 for her entire room.


  1. $75 for an entire room is a steal!! I love it!!

  2. what a great room! you did a fantastic job decorating and for such a great price. love the colors!

  3. Thanks! I try to see what we already have that we can use but maybe in a different way to save money.