Monday, March 21, 2011

Getting My Act Together

Recently I had a couple of posts about getting ready for a disaster. Many of us have watched, witnessed, or have been in a disaster or emergency situation before. I wanted to show that I am not just blogging about it but actually taking my own advice and getting my family's emergency preparedness kit together.

I knew I needed to buy a container to put our emergency kit together. I opted to get bins that were clear so we could keep a good visual inventory of what is inside the bin. I then started gathering the supplies I already had in the house.

I have a smaller kit within the large bin that contains the first aid kit supplies including, gauze, rubber gloves, bandages, scissors, etc.

I started collecting some of the extra food around the house to determine what I needed to purchase to add to the emergency kit. I have included oatmeal, tuna, cereal, granola bars, and Gatorade fuel with vitamins and carbohydrates.

There are two different bins. I have labeled them both with clear distinctive labels so everyone knows that these are emergency kits. The first kit contains toilet paper, Kleenex, paper towels, detergent, candles and lighters, batteries, and flashlights as well as basic hygiene items so if we have to grab the kit and leave. The second kit has the food and drink items.

I am still currently working on putting together the emergency disaster kits. I am still making copies of the necessary documents to have and finish purchasing the items needed to complete the kit. I have checked the expiration dates on my items and I have a schedule to check and update the kit every 6 months.

Have you prepared your kit?

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