Monday, April 11, 2011

Car? Truck? Spoiled? I need help!

So I am a super lucky woman! I know that I am lucky, fortunate, and very blessed with all the things I have in my life and I am SO the luckiest to have my kids and my man! 

However, sometimes a girl needs wants to have a little something new! My husband and I have been debating getting a new vehicle. Now, we are really striving to keep our financial house in order. We feel like we do pretty good (I won't go all into that now maybe another blog later). But we made one decision that wasn't in our nature but we were stuck in a hard place. So currently I have a 2008 Red Jetta -

OK so this isn't my actual car but looks just like it - you get the picture!

My Jetta is paid down to where we are barely upside down on the loan (remember I said that we got into a spot before that we normally don't - so we are upside down). However, I have been making extra payments whenever I can to try to get it at least even with the market. So my car is 3 years old and I have 75,000 miles! Yes, high miles but up until 6 months ago I was driving 60 miles round trip just to work!

My husband has a 2004 Ford F150

Again - not our exact truck but pretty darn close!

(again - I know we are so lucky to have 2 super nice vehicles - so don't be going and judging me because I want something new lol! - well judge away I guess but still doesn't change I want something new!)

Now his truck is paid off but has about 108,000 miles on it. We have always said we don't want more than 1 car payment and we are actually trying to get to a point where we will not have any payment for a few years since we will have teenagers coming up in the next few years.

He has mentioned a few times about getting me a new vehicle (did I mention from time to time my AC doesn't want to kick in for about 10 minutes and remember I live in Southern AZ - can you say 110degrees in the summer?) So here poses my BIG dilemma!

Do I want to try to get a new vehicle and pay the heck out of it and get it paid off so we can then buy him a new truck? OR do I just try to pay my car off and get him a new truck?

Here are the 2 vehicles I am totally in love with! Now they are VERY different but as a mom I am sure some of you will be able to totally understand my line of thinking!

This is the 2011 Black KIA Sorento! This SUV has a third row option so you can sit 7 people! That is what I am in LOVE with about this vehicle! I think it is a sweet looking mid size SUV and sort of looks like a cross between the Lexus and Infinity SUV but not near the price. I have seen MSRP on the one with the third row for between 25K and up! I am not a girl that needs all the bells and whistles necessarily. But if I am going to get this vehicle I want the third row seating.

2011 Kia Sorento
Here's a good pic but not in black but you get the idea!

The second vehicle that I LOVE was actually introduced to me by my man! So he is totally at fault for me wanting a new vehicle (well at least partially) I had never seen the Volkswagen CC before he pulled it up on the internet and showed me. This is totally opposite than the KIA Sorento!

2011 volkswagen cc
Ever seen this car?

Something about the interior just sucks me in!

Depending on the features you want to get with this vehicle the 2011 Volkswagen CC Sport gets started at around 30K maybe could get a little cheaper if I went with the 2010 model, which I do like but the 2009 looks a little different.

So what's a girl to do? I want to hear what you would do? What do you think I should do? FYI - My husband LOVES the CC but he isn't a fan of the Sorento. I love both for different reasons. OR do I just pay the Jetta off and try to drive it till the wheels fall off and get my man a new truck?


  1. I have a KIA Sorrento ( not new), it is awesome !
    Our winters are snowy & it rocks in the snow!!
    I can get anywhere in it.

  2. Ahhh. I'm in the same boat you're in. My car is paid off, but it's a 2004 and has 100k miles. My hubby is still paying for his truck.
    I'd LIKE a new car, but don't need one YET, but will when we add another baby.

    My vote is the SUV. I think it's more practical. However, the VW will get better gas mileage. Tough call! Any new car is a win to me :)

  3. Well, for us 75k and 108k are almost new LOL! Both our vehicles have over 130K. My advice is to buy used whatever you do. Don't spend all you money on a new car just to have it depreciate. Buy a used car that's 1 or 2 years old. In terms of which one to get, I don't know. I've never had any Kia's.

  4. We try to stick with one vehicle payment too. This year we will have NONE! Can you find out what it would take to get your air conditioner fixed so it kicks in right away? Because that would be a deal breaker for me. I would NEED my air conditioning!! If I couldn't get it fixed cheaply, I would trade it off. JMO. And if you don't owe too much on the truck, I would pay it off. I would get a used cheaper truck and maybe a Harley again to have cheaper gas? Does he still have the harley? I thought you sold it when you moved...anywhooo, I think gas is so expensive, payments on top of gas is just ridiculous!

  5. If you have to buy new, work to get the best interest rates you can. I took 0% on my last vehicle and it worked out cheaper than a loan through my Credit Union. I love to see how my payment hits the principle amount every month. I hate two vehicle payments also but Jim's truck was dead. Soon mine will be paid off!

    Good luck what ever you decide to do.