Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cleaning the Fridge - Ugh!

Don't you LOVE cleaning out your refridgerator? I am laughing as I type this because I dislike this task with a firey passion (that is why Haley says because I do not like her to say she hates anything because we have always said that hate is too strong of a word!)

Well I tackled this along with my kiddos and I was so glad we did after I had switched over to Shaklee because as I cleaned out  my fridge with my Basic H2 cleaner I knew it was non-toxic, totally safe, so I didn't have to worry about putting my food and produce back into my fridge and having it contaminated with any harsh chemicals.

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Basic H2 Organic Cleaner? LOL I know you are probably so tired of hearing me say it!

Here is my fridge - eewww it was not terrible but it really wasn't great at all!

Everything was just crammed in. And YES there are bottles of water in my fridge. And YES I am trying to go more green but from time to time we need bottled water. Especially my husband with where he works he has to take everything with him. But I do have my water bottle I refill through the day. (don't judge hehehe)

Crazy huh?

See that disgusting rust stain? I try to clean this every so often but I have had a big struggle on finding anything that works on this. I even tried those harsh lime, rust, removers that seriously are so hard on my to clean with because of my asthma specifically but the chemicals they contain are not good for anyone.

I thought oh super this is a great chance for me to use my Get Clean (R) Scour Off.

As my husband stood and watched me use this new product we had (he has been a bit skeptical the entire time) I thought I will try a little bit at first to see if I need more. I promise see that little teenie tiny amount? That is all I used.

Seriously check it out above, you can barely tell that I even used any of the Get Clean (R) Scour Off.

I took the rag and wiped it over the hard rust stain. I am 100% serious I didn't scrub I wiped. Even as my husband stood there he said seriously babe you need to make sure you emphasize that you didn't scrub any! He was astonished but I wasn't. I knew this product would work wonders! My best friend had raved about it and I knew she would never give me a bunch of rubbish. Seriously this stuff is wonderful!

CHECK IT OUT Shaklee is trying to make 50,000 homes healthier and safer during the month of April. It is Earth day this month! Just check it out - seriously it costs you nothing to just check it out! Feel free to Contact Me if you have any questions.

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  1. OMG Scour off is my favorite!!! I love cleaning my showers with it because when I am done it is sooo shiny! :) Your fridge looks great!!! I LOVE haha j/k cleaning the fridge too so I do it every week WITH the food in it, I just sort of slide everything around and wipe it down with the H2 because it is totally safe. I do this before I hit the store so there is room and I am not putting my new food in a dirty fridge. That way it doesn't get built up too bad. :)