Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hair Choices - I need help- VOTE!

I Need a Change! Over the years I have done many things with my hair but lately I seem to be stuck in a rut - I need help! 

Here is some of my styles over the years (I have had a shoulder length cut before but can't find any pics - sorry) but I am preferential to LONG hair.

Most like my hair now.

About 2 years ago

Couple of years ago (before my Lasiks)

About 2 years ago

March 2010

Almost black

OK - I normally don't dress like this but this was for our Halloween party in Fall of 2009.

OK - below are some of the choices of hairstyles and colors I would possibly consider. It makes me nervous more about cutting than coloring.

Choice #1 - I like the color and the cut

Choice #2

Choice #3

Choice #4

I want to hear from you! Please let me know by number which cut and which color you like - or you think I might look good with. I know it would totally help if I actually looked like them to pull the hair off but can't do anything about that so oh well!

I can't wait to hear your vote - I need a change!

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  1. i vote #1 or #3 for you. You have to decide if you like being blonde or darker better. here's the thing- if you have great straight hair that will do that tossly kind of look with little work- great for you (I'd be super jealous btw!), but if not- will you make the effort to do it every day? I find that my biggest problem with choosing hair styles is that if I don't DO my hair, the cut looks like ca-ca. Just my experience. Looks like your hair is pretty fab over the years, so whatever you choose will be great!

  2. I vote anything BUT #1...yes, it's pretty, but it would be a LOT of work. It looks like there's a lot of layers, and in my experience, layers always need curling or straightening. Plus those highlights would require a TON of upkeep. Do you want bangs? That's a personal preference thing to consider. Also, I think the color in #4 would turn brassy too soon...reds are hard to keep true to the color you choose.

    Lol! I'm no help! I do like all of the cuts and colors you chose, but I always look at how much work it would require to keep that look, and I personally, prefer simple.

  3. My vote is the color of #1 and the cut that Reece witherspoon is sporting.

  4. I like #2! I think it is so pretty! :) I think you look good as a blonde the best!

  5. OK, so Im not giving a number that I choose because they are all basically the same hair cut, long with long wispy bangs. i love them all, and in studying your face shape in the pictures above, I think you can totally pull off that style.
    Second, pictures can be deceiving with the tone of your face. In some pics, you look very light porcelain, some you look medium beige, and in one you look almost olive (that might be the flash). Have you tried a carmel color with blond and honey colored highlights? I think that would be really pretty.

    Cant wait to see what you picked!

    Ok, now Ill look to see what everyone else said... Looks like its a toss up! :) Good luck!

  6. whoa girl! You put out every different hairstyle/color there is to choose from! Gosh, my personal opinion for you is stay blonde. It's my favorite on you. and I loooove long bangs, love them. But they have to be long, not too short, like side swept bangs. When are you going to the salon? Can't wait to see the results!!

  7. I say #2, I like your hair blonde.

  8. Have you done your hair yet? I like #1 and #3 but you look best with blonde hair. Of course, you are beautiful no matter what!! Getting a new hairdo(haircut) is stressful. I say we start a new movement and all ladies go bald!!