Monday, April 11, 2011

How you can follow ME (:

So from time to time you see me bugging  urging you to follow  my blog. I swear if I hadn't learned so much from blogging in these last 3  months I would have no idea what I meant.

I know most of you think if you read my blog that you are following me blog. OK OK I guess in a sense you are BUT I will admit it, I am a little vain and I need to see that you are listed under my "Stalkers". Come on I can't help it, I mean I have almost 500 friends on my facebook but I can't reach 50 on my blog ):

OH - a big shout out to all my stalkers - THANK YOU!!!

SO, I thought I would tell you how you can be one of my stalkers. I mean - come on MOM (yes I am calling you out on this one) you aren't even one of my stalkers - you gave birth to me! I know you read it because you always give me the little thumbs up on my facebook but come on Stalk me on my blog so I can smile a little bit more - so here it is if you decide you want to actually follow me (-:

You will need probably either a yahoo email or a GMail (google email). If you don't have one of these they are free and you can go to or to create a free email account.

On the left hand side of my blog you will see My "Stalkers" and right underneath that you will see  this symbol

Underneath this symbol you will see With google friend contact. 
Click on this button. The instructions are simple and easy to 

It will then ask you if you want to follow my publicly (go ahead!) 
or privately (I guess if you are ashamed of me - MOM not you!)

If you have any questions let me know! Come on people
I need a little stroke to my ego! Come on and follow me!


  1. I'm already following you....if I could follow you twice I would :)

  2. Hey lady- you asked, so I'm helping out. ;) Here's another tip. Go into your profile, click the box to display email address. Then, each time you comment on someone else's blog, they will be able to reply directly to your email instead of having a . I LOVE thanking people for their awesome comments on my blog- eh hem- THANK YOU for all YOUR compliments on my What I wore posts. ;),- it's just a bit easier when I can babble on and on via email instead of junking up their blogs. ;) On that note- when I started linking up to WIWW I was a slight train wreck. Making an effort and following other amazingly gorgeous women over the past 6 months have given me more confidence to re purpose and re pair the things in my closet. Hope this helps! -Meagan (at)