Friday, April 8, 2011

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly - Poop that is

OK so yes I have a house of hunters. All you PETA people don't hate us, I hope you still follow me but if not oh well it is who we are. I mean me personally don't ask me to shoot it, gut it, or cook it - eewww!

However, in light of earth day month and working to go green (sshhhh don't tell my man I associated him with going green he might kick my bootie!).

We've had a bit of a poop problem. Yes I said a poop problem.

OK - here is the poop problem (the Ugly)

My husband worked so hard making our back porch awesome looking by applying concrete stain and now there is POOP all over it!

This is the Pooper (The Bad) - it likes to sit on the light on the top of the porch and just POOP away!

This is the DE-POOPER TROOP! (The Good) lol OK I know I am lame.

Like I said in honor of Earth Day Month and our family trying to go green, natural, and non-lethal, the De-pooper troop decided to take care of business with Nerf guns. AND IT WORKED! They shot at the bird and didn't hit it but it flew away for the rest of the night!

MY HERO! (now I need a volunteer to clean up the poop!)


  1. Thats hilarious! I have some bird problems of my own. We have outdoor speakers on our back patio and the birds have taken up residence by making a nest on them :-(

  2. That is AWESOME! I wondered what Haley meant on facebook when she said she was shooting birds with a nerf gun! ha! Ask your bald man if he will come stain my patio???? lol

  3. lol! Glad you found a solution to your poop problem!

  4. De pooper troopers, oh my gosh, so funny. Can't you just shoot it with a real gun? Er, maybe a BB gun? My husband does that to all the woodpeckers who invade our house. And the coyotes. And I meant to get back to you on the whole snake thing---I HATE THEM! They make me want to throw up. I know they will be coming out of the woodwork anyday now, and even though I am prepared, once I see once, chills just go through my body. I'm even getting anxious right now as I type this. AWWW!! Oh well, at least I can take pictures and put them on my blog for all you to see :) You're welcome haha!