Monday, April 4, 2011

Sick Time? No Such Thing

I always joke there is a difference in a mom cold and a dad cold. And all you moms out there I am sure can guess the difference. When we get sick there really is not down time. Well this time I have no choice.

The last week and a half I have been pretty sick. But I kept chugging on. As I look back I actually have been having symptoms for about a month or two but because they weren't anything major I thought I was just tired or in a slump so I kept chugging on.

I do have asthma so I was thinking I was just having problems with my asthma and I had maybe some allergies and cold stuff going on but I figured the cough would go away. I was really tired and wanted to be a lazy bum more than normal but I just thought I was tired. After much encouraging from my husband and my sister I ended up going to urgent care.

Yep - that's me getting a breathing treatment at the Dr. She said I sounded junky and she wouldn't let me leave before I had a breathing treatment. (go figure right? I didn't think I sounded bad at all)

OK there is the pile of my junk and my gown - BECAUSE they made me get a chest xray - seriously? I couldn't believe it.  The Dr. told me that she didn't see any pneumonia (thank goodness) and said it must be my asthma really acting up but ordered me to stay home from work the next day so I can get some rest.

Later that night I received a call from the Urgent Care to call them back. I though holy cow seriously. I looked over at my husband and so oh great I bet I have pneumonia, I don't have time for this. (he had been so sweet all night and even had dinner made when I got home from the Dr. !!)

I called urgent care back and they proceeded to inform me that they had someone look at the xray and they had found a nodule in my lung - WTC (that's the clean version - What The Crap! lol) She proceeded to tell me that didn't mean I had lung cancer but probably was Coccidioidomycosis (Valley Fever) - uh remember my post about my husband collapsing his lung 2 years ago? Well yes they think it was Valley Fever. She proceeded to inform me I needed to come get the xrays first thing in the morning and get into my PCP so they can order a CT Scan (so much for the rest she had ordered me to get just hours before).

I went down to Urgent Care first thing to get the xrays ( I looked at it - there is a 1 cm nodule in my left lung - the report told me that I am not good at reading xrays lol) and then came home because my PCP couldn't get me in the same day. I was so upset -seriously people I have a nodule in my lung!!!! They only aren't as urgent about it because it isn't their lung!

But these two sweet babies kept me company ALL day while I sat on the couch with my feather pillow, computer, and my marathon of Twilight Movies!

Everyone needs the essentials when you are sick. Large Sonic Cherry Coke (an absolute MUST!), tissues, you nebulizer and medicines, laptop and of course your wallet so you can online shop!

I filled my day with Edward, Bella, and Jacob! And lots of sleep of course!

For now we keep waiting. I finally got into my PCP, had blood work, and now await my CT scan some time this upcoming week. Although I don't want Valley Fever the alternative with having a nodule in your lung isn't good. Keeping my fingers crossed, putting my trust in the Lord, and knowing he has a plan for me. (I'm pretty sure it is Valley Fever, I have so many of the symptoms.)

I will keep living my life, trying to rest and get some energy back and loving my family! I will update my blog as soon as I know what in the world all this craziness is!

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  1. I am so worried about you and I hope you are okay! :( Praying for you girl!