Saturday, April 9, 2011

The journey continues....

The journey continues....

Some of you know that I blogged about being sick the other day and how we just don't have time for it as moms. Well sometimes something smacks you down and says LISTEN! Here is a continuation of my journey....

OK so last week I told y'all that they found a nodule in my lung and they were making me go for a CT Scan.

Originally I hoped thought I might have someone go with me but due to unforeseen circumstances I was on this venture by myself. I tried to put on a brave face, I am not sure who I was trying to convince myself or my family.

I think this makes me official? (yes I was born on St. Patricks Day - but no other identifying info on the bracelet! any of you crazy people out there!)

Not exactly what this is but I think I just signed one of my organs away if someone needs it!

Intimidating? Yes, considering I can't walk up stairs without being out of breath. I parked on the wrong side of the hospital, what in the world was I thinking?!

I am heading into the CT scanner and I really wanted to get a pic of that big machine but also didn't want them to think I was crazy and then take a CT of my head. I mean I am already getting enough radiation through this one scan I don't need more cancer risk.

Thankfully when I went in the room the tech informed me that I wouldn't need the contrast (IV) and I was so freaking overjoyed I could have done backflips  grateful. The scan took about 5 minutes, I didn't have to take any clothes off, didn't have to pry remove my belly ring out, and I was lucky and got one of those super warm blankets they wrap you in (doesn't take much to make me happy!).

Since I couldn't eat or drink before the tests and I didn't get done till around noon I decided to treat myself to my favorite! Mongolian! Super yummy!

It only took 48 hours but we heard back about the scan and it might as well have been in a foreign language. Prominent Lymph node in my lung? 3 small lingular nodules likely reactive to granuloma? What? All I know is my primary Dr. doesn't seem very concerned but I have to get a repeat scan with contrast (IV!!) in 3-6 months. I am opting for 3 months because who wants to play around with nodules?

Still no answer on what is making me sick and out of breath. Going to see a pulmanologist as soon as I can. They think pneumonia? One could only wish at this point. Good news - feeling some better in regards to the "sick" feeling so I will take all the good I can get.

So the journey continues......

More than ever with my current health issues I am so happy that our family made the switch to Shaklee!

April's Earth Day Special - with a $30.00 purchase the membership fee is waived! No minimums ever!  Non-toxic! Always Safe, Always Natural!

How safe is your home?
  •  Approximately 20 million Americans have asthma. (source American Lung Association 2005).
  • Strong Links have been found between the use of domestic and industrial cleaning products and the risk of asthma. (source Thorax, Nov 2003 58(11), 950-954


  1. I don't know what any of those results that you posted mean, but I'm glad your dr isn't concerned. That's great news!!

    And I agree - switching to all natural products is a very smart decision. I'm really looking forward to trying shaklee :)

  2. It all just sounds so scary. I am glad you are staying on top of things! :( Worried about you!

  3. I don't know whether to say "Good thing it's not a big deal" or "All that medical mumbo-jumbo makes it seem like a big deal." Hope you feel better soon.

    Oh and for what it's worth I had a CT scan with contrast a month ago and it wasn't that bad. But the dye is really warm and when it hits certain, um, parts of your body you'll feel like you just peed - but you didn't really. Just something good to know ahead of time :).