Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tween Bathroom - Loving It!

We have been in our house for 3 1/2 years now and other than changing the shower curtain a few times the kids bathroom has been pretty much the same. One of the struggles we have is that both Cody and Haley share the same bathroom so it has to be a neutral type of theme. I try to get them to compromise but Cody finally said, "whatever Haley wants" I told him to quit giving me a classic man answer. Ended up he did let her have more her way but we still tried to incorporate colors he would like as well.

Before- I had bought the letters and we painted them. The pictures are pictures the kids painted on these canvas and I framed them with frames I already had and painted black.

Black, White, Red, and Gray

Pictures of our family that lives far away. We did the prints in black and white to add to the color scheme.

We started cleaning. Oh and by the way, I am using up the cleaning supplies I have because I think I am going to switch over to Shaklee. Never heard of it? Well I hadn't but check it out at my friend Erin's Blog.(and I have some great info on mine as well!) I am finding that I am loving it and I bought the Gold Premier but you can also just sign up to be a Member which right now with a $30.00 purchase the membership fee of $19.95  is waived with no minimum to ever buy again (but I know you will love these products!). You see that 409 in the background - it is NO more! As soon as I started using that stuff I started coughing again!

Yes, we can't help but join the bandwagon we do love the Zebra print!

The little things can really make the look. So we bought the lime green shower hooks. We went with lime green because Cody liked it and we wanted to try to compromise.

I bought the ribbon but decided on a DIY to transform the q-tip holder.

Changing up the red picture frame mat to be lime green. Haley worked on this project.

I am sure you are wondering what this is. Well seems my kids like millions so many others struggle to remember some basic hygiene tasks. So I used a white board marker to make a to-do list on the medicine cabinet mirror.

We used the same ribbon and glue gun to pretty up this candle (for appearances only).

Still working and figuring it all out.

We are getting there.

It's looking good and coming together (notice my cutie kitty!)

Daily items (the buckets are from the dollar bin at Target)

No more red!

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Let's Celebrate Earth day this month of April!


    1. Love the new look. I am currently giving my kids bathroom a makeover as well. Only I have to be neutral to a 2 & 13 year old ;-) oxox

    2. I like it! The lime green goes well with the zebra print. It's a nice fun change.

    3. Thanks so much! I tried to mix a color in that my son would like too so it didn't look too girly!