Sunday, April 17, 2011

Flowers or Lollipops?

So over the past year I have had several friends having babies! I love babies! My babies are tweens now so it is so much fun living through my friends from time to time.  I have a great friend that is having her second baby this summer! Tess is welcoming a baby girl to join her big boy (my God Son) Blake and her husband into their home!

So my other great friend Nikki asked if I could help with her baby shower! And of course yes! So we decided to do some cool invites that I saw that looked like lollipops.

Nikki came over to help me get started. It actually is pretty simple. We used different round objects to get the 3 different sizes of circles.

I used a hot glue gun to glue the sticks to the back of the "lollipops"

Well, maybe not lollipops but they look like flowers to me! I thought they turned out super cute and actually pretty easy to make. 

A big shout out to Nikki to get this baby shower going and together. The pictures below are of her baby shower that Rene, Mindy, and I threw for her last summer!

Co-ed Baby Shower favors were shot glasses filled with candy.

Rene did a fabulous job on the cupcakes. She even made ice cream cone cupcakes! I was totally amazed! Mindy did an awesome job on the diaper cake! These women are amazing!

We focused on pink and brown. We used pink and brown candy, flowers, and ribbons!

To add a personal touch I mailed their parents and had them sent baby photos of both parents and we did a little clothes line with their baby pictures and baby onesies.

We had a book that everyone could give their advice to the parents and a note to the baby about their wishes for her!

We had a BBQ styles buffet line with pulled pork BBQ and fruit kabobs (yummo!)

Bobbing for Nipples anyone?

Sweet Tea and Pink Lemonade! Lots of yummy chocolate and pink candies too!

Cheers! Beer in Baby Bottles? It was a hit!

Rene made this cupcake! It was so adorable!

Great times!


  1. very cute, I love it all! I'm your newest stalker ;) love your blog.


  2. luv that you made the baby shower fun for everyone!

  3. you girls did a great job on my baby shower.....We loved i hope we can make Tess's just as great.

  4. OMG! What an adorable shower! I could totally eat one of those cupcakes! :) ha! You are so good at stuff like that! :) Erin