Friday, April 22, 2011

Mini-ME VLOG Hilarious!

Oh wow! This is hilarious! I had talked to my kids about maybe guest blogging for me sometimes, you know from a tween perspective. After I did my Vlog yesterday I thought oh wow that would be so much easier for them.

Of course my drama queen child was super excited to get to sit in front of the camera and we talked about different ideas but after dinner she came up to the computer and made her Vlog about me and then told me.

So here it is - totally unedited - my mini-me. Enjoy!

Yes that is MY mini-me! Got to love her! See that attitude? H-E-L-P MEEEE!!!! Just kidding she is an awesome kiddo!

Oh yeah - pole dancing? I asked how do you know what this is? She said uh duh I have known since I was like 8. Really? Hmmmm not sure where she saw anything about poll dancing - are they showing that on teenie bopper shows now?


  1. that was pretty funny....

  2. Okay, I had to compose myself to write this after I died laughing! :) She is so hilarious!!! OMG! You should totally facebook that! Pole dancing! ha! No pole dancing Haley but I did see your Mom ride a mechanical bull once! :)

  3. I'm sure she heard of pole dancing from Toddlers in Tiaras. It's probably part of the talent portion now.
    Loved Mini-You's vlog. I like how she felt the need to clarify that she doesn't talk like you! haha Personally, I would find how you talk very sexy...just sayin'...

  4. OOOHHH MYY GOSH!!! OH my gosh, seriously, that was the funniest thing EVER! WHERE does she get that attitude? And never see your pole dancing, ohmygosh Shanna, you are in BIG time trouble, more than you are right now. She is a firecracker! I love her! Can you send her to come stay with me??

  5. Yup, your daughter is just too cute!! And that's not bratty, so right now it's still cute too! Such a great vlog :)