Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wishing I Could Go Pink!

 I am a pink kind of girl! I can't help it - I love it, I love things that sparkle, I am just a GIRL!

I wish the slogan was going PINK instead of going GREEN but that is OK I will still do my darnest that I can to try to live a healthy life and leave as little of an impact on our Earth that I can. I know I am talking about Green a lot this week and my love for Shaklee alot but since we are leading into Earth Day I really wanted to provide you with all the great ideas that I try to follow.

Not everyone in our house believes in this as much as me but I am trying to make a small difference because I feel that is better than no difference.

Get Clean and Go Green!

Products I have used for years and after researching found out I might be getting the dirt out of my clothes but I was adding toxic chemicals to them.

This is what my laundry cleaning consists of now. Products that contain no phosphates and uses natural enzymes to clean. It is formulated for both regular and HE washing machines. This products is triple concentrated and the small bottle works for 32 loads!

These fabric sheets are unlike anything I have ever used. There are no harsh chemicals and they are vegetables based.  They are non-toxic, bio-degradable sheets, and during the drying cycle the sheets split in two pieces for evenly distribution. They are awesome!

For tough really dirty loads I will use the Nature Bright Laundry Booster. This is great for those really tough loads but the detergent alone still works wonders!

Shaklee doesn't test their products on animals in any way! Just another reason I love Shaklee products!

Don't pass up this Earth Day special Opportunity!  Please Visit My Shaklee Website for Lawson's Healthy Living to take advantage of this awesome opportunity! If you are interested in not just buying and using but being an Independent Distributor please feel free to Email Me and I can tell you all the great perks on top of using great products. No minimums EVER!


  1. haha!! I'd much rather go PINK too! :)

    You're doing a great job promoting your shaklee stuff...I like that you show us how you use it and how it works for I get to learn more about their products too! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I love the laundry soap from shaklee. I also love that you can use the nature bright to clean your carpets to brighten them up! :)