Friday, April 22, 2011

Natural Consequences

There once was a really cool kiddo that got some really awesome glasses! He loved them so much he wore them every day all the time and his parents were so impressed and so happy that he was actually wearing his glasses.

About a week after he got the glasses he looked very panicked and confessed he couldn't find these really awesome cool Nike glasses. His mom had a slight meltdown and lost her mind for a moment and then gathered herself to get the rest of the story. Come to find out the really awesome boy had taken the glasses off and put them on the tailgate of his dad's truck while he was riding his bike. Oops he forgot to get the glasses before his dad left to go the gym! The glasses are NOWHERE to be found!

Well the mom was the least of his worries. Having to tell his dad was a completely different story. It wasn't as bad as he had built it up in his head. The momma probably reacted quicker and louder than the dad did.

The Natural Consequences are this: Mom and Dad buy cool awesome pricey glasses. Glasses get lost. The really cool kid is going to have to come up with the $200.00 to buy new glasses. Xbox 360 games - SOLD, DVD movies - SOLD, Nintendo DS - SOLD - only $40.00 left to earn to get new eyeglasses.

Natural Consequences  - that is all this momma can say!

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  1. ROUGH!!! I mean, yes, you're certainly teaching him a lesson, but I'd feel so bad for him! It's so hard for kiddos to learn responsibility!

  2. wow! i betcha he won't lose the nxt pair. i thought i was mean. ha ha

  3. That was a great idea. When it's his $200 bucks, those glasses will be his #1 priority for sure. I love the way you think.

  4. Oh, Greg wants to know if there are any games left to sell. He'll help the really awesome boy out. :)