Monday, April 18, 2011

My Kids Flew a REAL Airplane!

I had never knew of this program called Wright Flight until we moved to Arizona. When Cody was in 5th grade he told me he could be part of an afterschool program and he would get to fly a real airplane. I thought who in their right mind would let 10 and 11 year olds fly an airplane?

I asked him are you sure it isn't like a model plane? Nope - and he was right! The program is to teach kids about setting goals and earning achievements. They have to set a goal and work towards it all year long. They meet every other week and they learn about aviation.

Towards the end of the school year they have to take a big test and if they pass they indeed get to fly a real airplane. The entire program is ran off donations!

Cody completed the program in 5th grade and now that Haley is finishing 5th grade she completed the program as well! Here are a few pictures of my kids - I am SO proud of them!

Cody and his pilot.

Checking all the controls.

When Cody flew his airplane his pilot was an actual instructor pilot so Cody was able to fly the plane from the pilot's seat not the co-pilots seat. It was an amazing experience for him!

This gentleman has over 11,000 flight hours. He said if it has had wings he has probably flown it. He was going over the safety briefing with the kids.

Haley and her pilot.

Pre-flight check.

Haley had a classmate fly first.

There they go!

Haley's pilot took a picture of her while she was flying the plane.


  1. What an amazing opportunity! :) Love it!

  2. What an AWESOME program!! I never would have guessed there'd be something like that offered to kids. SO cool that both your kids got to participate!!